10 April, 2013

Havana Heat

Photograph: news.com.au - Cuba's Cigar Sisterhood

A US married couple was recently caught in Havana after kidnapping there two young sons, ages II and IV,after fleeing Florida.
Details about the couple includes their names, Josh and Sharyn Hakken, and that charges include kidnapping, auto theft and child neglect -- federal and multiple state charges. After reading this story the first question that popped into my mind was "Why were they running?" and "What were they guilty of before they ran?".

Cuba's diplomacy was noted despite the following:
"The FBI estimates there are 70 fugitives from U.S. justice in Cuba, which is one of the reasons it remains on the U.S. list of countries that support state terrorism. Most of the American fugitives in Cuba have been there for decades and have ties to revolutionary movements or radical groups."

Photograph: Ramon Espinosa,Associated Press

Entertainers Beyonce and Jay-Z were under suspicion for a recent trip to Cuba but have been approved as "fully licensed and authorised" by the US Treasury Dept. Republican lawmakers had complained about the couple's recent trip, however officials are "preparing a statement on the musicians' Cuban holiday".

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