22 June, 2013

Indie Movie Time - The Strange Thing About the Johnsons

In case you didn't know, I am an indie movie fanatic! I am intrigued at the twists, turns and unexpected jolts that I experience while watching indie films. They make me sad, confused, angry and happy -- keeping me suspended and left wanting more each time. Recently I checked in on one of my favorite vloggers (my secret) who said that this film (The Strange Thing About the Johnsons) is a must see -- so I watched it.

I have to say, it put into question how we as a culture deal with victimization, masculinity and parenthood. I was perplexed and still am. If you are squeamish, scare easily or not into thought provoking films, please don't watch. If you're like me and look for a cutting edge indie fix -- then watch. I loved it. I'm still searching for more to share with you while I'm stuck in my house sick with allergies (yuck) so hopefully I'll find some more indie stuff soon. Stay tuned!

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