11 December, 2012

Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Cleveland

1) You can wear your "boring" clothes to work and rock your "real" clothes out of town.

2) When it's cold you can gain weight and no one will notice (yourself included) under all the layers of clothes.

3) If an event is over twenty miles away, you can decline because its a 20-30 minute drive, and that's just way too far.

4) If there's one huge event going on in Cleveland, you know where everyone else won't be.

5) When you go to a house party, you will always find a parking spot. Always.

6) If you live on the West Side and work in the city, you will never, hardly ever -- hit traffic.

7) If your cell phone dies, there's always a pay phone.

8) Snow Days. Period.

9) No matter how weird you are, you're still normal compared to someone else.

10) No matter how average you look, you're always better looking than someone else.

Honorable mention: The Browns, nice homeless people, clean streets and BBQ.

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