05 August, 2012

The Scriptic Styler Strikes Again! BAM!

I can hardly contain myself....I have a HUGE opportunity to work with some talented and very cool artists in B'more -- one of my favorite cities in the WORLD.

I get my life every time I drive past the Mason Dixon line and into Baltimore, simply because this, my friends was the city that popped my cherry when I turned eighteen. It was in B'more that I experienced my first college experience, my first strip club, my first late-night bar hop and my first drunken fight -- all in the name of being young,reckless and not giving a ***** (you fill in the blank).

Hell yes! I will be interviewing and copy writing for a very cool friend of mine and his friends over at tobetriumphant.com. Everyone seems really cool and interesting so I'm really excited to have a hand in creating something that will blend well with their artistry and unique dynamic over at Triumphant.

Check them out here: http://www.tobetriumphant.com/

I can't wait to visit graffiti alley and bounce my ass to some club music!

Here's to B'more club music, chicken boxes, and catchin' hacks down MLK Blvd.

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