22 July, 2012

When Too Much Azz Is Enough.

I know what you’re probably thinking, “Why is she hatin’ on all dat azz? There’s never enough azz!” . Well, I have nothing against ass at all, except for when it’s just to the point of exaggeration and far-fetched extremes. I think I need to remind everyone that there are plenty of other body parts to enjoy, and I just think this ass thing is spreading quicker than lace front wigs and 4 inch eyelashes.

It’s one thing to buy a pair of sexy jeans that accentuate your derrière but it’s another thing to purchase but cheek pads, or even put your life in danger by having ass augmentation surgery. Are we serious ladies?? Instead of injecting and accentuating a body part that mother nature’s promising demise will soon alter, why not read a book, get some self-esteem, and tell these magazines and the rest of the media to kiss your tiny, cute ASS.

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